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Mrs. Jeffries Takes Stock
Emily Brightwell
Coming Home
Rosamunde Pilcher
The Bear and the Dragon
Tom Clancy

Mrs Jefferies on the Ball

Smythe & Betsty are becoming friends.  They encounter a young boy name Jon.

Hatchet finds a position for him.  The inspectors horrible cousin comes to visit.


They want her gone so they can go back to snooping.  So Hatchet & Mrs Jeffries

find her invitations to the Peers of the Realm so she'll vacate the premises. 

It works. She is quite the snob so the invites had to verry special.

The Black Moth

The Black Moth - Georgette Heyer

My dear Mrs. Girraffee introduced me to this author. 

 This is not one i was able to finish.  I have enjoyed all the other books by this author.

  I intend to try again to read this book.

Mrs Jeffries takes the Stage

Mrs. Jeffries Takes the Stage - Emily Brightwell

Oh happy day...the book pretty much got back on track.  The last one was dismal.  This one had Betsy & Smythe fussing again.  By the end they had a heart to heart & agreed they wanted to be nicer to each other.  ;)


and Wiggins is starting to grow into his own.

Mrs Jeffries Stands Corrected

The inspector solved this one on his own.  Betsy & Smythe fussed at each other all through the book.  Not very interstresting.  This is one I could skip.

Betsy & Smythe

Mrs. Jeffries and the Missing Alibi - Emily Brightwell

In this book The Missing Alibi we learn Betsy's early secret & how Smythe

handles it.  Poor Wiggins has the worst timing & no clue.